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Pallets Carmarthan

Need a pallet supplier for Carmarthen? Choose Edwards and Ross…

If you’re a business based in Carmarthen and need new or reconditioned pallets, we can help. We offer a range of pallet services to business based in and around the Carmarthen area and are well equipped to meet any order, big or small.

At any time we have over 45000 standard pallets in stock and ready to deliver.

Pallet Recycling Carmarthen

If you find you have any number of surplus pallets on-site and would like them removed to free up space, we can do that free of charge. We visit a range of local businesses based in and around Carmarthen and collect their unwanted pallets quickly and easily and in some cases we even pay cash for them. At our pallet yard we’re able to recondition the pallets so they’re completely reusable and put them back into circulation.

If you think you might benefit from pallet recycling or any of our services, contact us by calling 01685 843926 or fill in the form below. We have over 30 years industry experience and we’re ready to help with all your pallet needs.

Heat Treated Pallets Carmarthen

If you’re exporting cargo, your pallets may need to be heat treated to help prevent the spread of disease. Our yard is fully equipped with the latest kilns and we have the capacity to treat thousands of pallets every week. If you think you need heat treated pallets and have any questions about the process or your responsibilities, get in touch today!