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we offer cash for your used pallets

Used pallets taking up space? Need to get rid of them fast? We offer fast and efficient collection of your used pallets and we’ll pay you for any we can re-use.

We are experts in pallet recycling

Your pallets will be individually assessed verifying what you have deemed ‘scrap’ and return the value for any pallets found to be recoverable for future use (either as reconditioned pallets or ‘new life’ pallets).

Every pallet removal will be individually assessed

All pallets of value will be purchased generating an income stream.

Collection notes will be provided giving a breakdown of what was on the load removed

Waste regulation certification

We’re registered as an upper tier waste carrier with Natural Resource Wales.

Being an upper tier waste carrier means we have a duty of care to you, the customer. It offers you peace of mind that your used pallets are being removed safely and legally by someone qualified to handle it.

Compliant with your corporate social responsibility

Professional and reliable service

Reduced risk for you

Giving pallets a new life

Following extensive investment in new machinery, a pallet can now be dismantled into it’s original components and the irreparable pieces discarded. A ‘new life’ pallet can then be made to client specification from the reclaimed timber, once again resulting in substantial savings.

Good for you, good for us and good for the environment

We pay for pallets found to be recoverable for future use