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Pallets Gloucester

Edwards and Ross serve Gloucester and all surrounding areas…

Edwards & Ross are predominantly based in South Wales, however Gloucester is an area we regular service due to it’s ease of accessibility and our growing client base. If you’re a business based in Gloucester that requires a reliable supply of pallets, please get in touch. We deliver regularly to a wide range of clients in the Gloucester area and have plenty of scope to add to our deliveries.

Heat Treated Pallets Gloucester

If you’re using the pallets to export cargo from Gloucester, you’ll need pallets which have been heat treated to help prevent the spread of disease. Our pallets are heat treated to industry standard ISPM15 using state of the art kilns and certificates are supplied to prove they are suitable for export. Click here for more on heat treated pallets.

Recycling Pallets Gloucester

Perhaps you’re a business that has a number of surplus pallets taking up valuable space and need them clearing, we can help with that too. We’re always in need of pallets which is why we’re willing to clear your pallets free of charge. For more help and advice on disposing of your pallets, head to or give us a call on 01685 843926