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What is the NAPD?

  • The National Association of Pallet Distributors (N.A.P.D) was founded in 1994 to promote the repair and recycling of pallets to the highest standards.
  • Only companies agreeing to meet these standards are admitted to membership.
  • The services provided by NAPD members include sales of new and used pallets, pallet repair services, packing cases, export packing, factory clearance and wood waste disposal.

Why should I buy used pallets?

  • Used pallets are exempt from packaging waste regulations, so buyers are spared the costs and paperwork of meeting these regulations.
  • It makes economic sense to buy quality used pallets or use a repair service.
  • Used pallets are cheaper than new and so are more cost effective.
  • Pallets refurbished to their original specification, as recent research has shown, are often stronger than new.

Why use an N.A.P.D pallet supplier?

  • NAPD members agree to observe a code of trading practice to ensure their customers can rely on member’s integrity to provide a fast efficient service.
  • NAPD offers a nationwide network of companies and depots to serve your local needs.
  • NAPD members are also major manufacturers of new pallets and so can match your exact needs.
  • The NAPD has played a key role in the production of pallet quality standards in particular BS EN ISO 18613: repair of flat wooden pallets, to ensure a safe, high quality produced.
  • The NAPD carries out testing to ensure member’s pallets meet the EU Heavy Metals Reduction Requirements and can provide documentation for customers to satisfy Trading Standards Authorities.
  • NAPD is committed to an on-going testing programme.
  • The NAPD undertake tests to BS EN ISO 12777-1 on the nails used in pallet repair to ensure adequate strength and safety.
  • NAPD members can provide customers with a first-class technical advice on home and overseas pallet specifications, quarantine regulations and BSI & HSE recommendations for safe loading and stacking requirements on new and used pallets through its membership of Palletlink