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Edwards and Ross are a large supplier of new and used pallets manufactured at our purpose built site in South Wales. We have a wide range of wooden pallets for sale and are well equipped to cater for the most demanding orders. If you have a specific requirement, get in touch and we’ll discuss a bespoke plan.

Whether you need a supply of reconditioned wooden pallets, new pallets, heat treated pallets or even need pallets removing from your premises, Edwards and Ross has a cost effective solution.

New Pallets

We have a large selection of new pallets for sale at extremely competitive prices. These include standard sized pallets or we can manufacture new bespoke pallets to reflect your exact need.

Edwards and Ross new pallets are reliable, competively priced and in stock now – give us a call and tell us what you need.

Reconditioned Pallets

Whilst we have a wide range of pallets for sale, we are first and foremost experts in reconditioned wooden pallets. At any one time we stock over 45, 000 reconditioned pallets, all of which have been restored by us and subject to close examination before being passed as repaired and fully reusable.

There’s many advantages to be enjoyed using reconditioned pallets, perhaps the most important being the cost saving, which can often be as high as 50%. You will also be significantly reducing your companies carbon footprint by not adding to the demand for more trees to be cut down.

Heat Treated Pallets for Sale

Using industry leading equipment, we process thousands of new and reconditioned pallets every week. We will collect your pallets, heat treat them using our state of the art equipment and return them to you within three working days – guaranteed.

Pallets Collected

Need your surplus pallets collecting? Depending on your location, we will come and clear your unwanted pallets for free.

Whatever your pallet requirements, Edwards and Ross can help. Contact us today and find out exactly what we can do for you.